Dammika Sujith

A professional MMA trainer, based in Qatar. I offer Kick-boxing & Boxing classes in M-Active Club. I also offer VIP one-on-one coaching to dedicated individuals from all age groups, both male and female.

I discovered my passion for Mixed Martial Arts at a very young age. By the ripe age of 17 I had already attained my black belt and began my journey of competing at an international level.Sri Lankan born, I have had the privilege to learn from and teach in a diverse range of institutions worldwide, ranging from India, to the UK and now Qatar.Now 41, I have over 25 years of experience in coaching and have spent the better part of the last 2 and a half decades mastering the art of teaching MMA effectively.I am driven by my purpose to allow my students to be able to defend themselves effectively, in-turn providing them with increased self-confidence and self awareness as a byproduct.

With extensive knowledge and expertise in all domains of Mixed Martial Arts, I offer trainings to individuals for MMA, with emphasis on Kickboxing & Self-defence.I teach all individuals who are motivated to learn MMA. I firmly believe that one's capability in defending themselves is not restricted by their size, gender or age. Anyone can learn and, for that matter, master MMA.Primarily based in Barwa City, I offer Kick-boxing and Boxing classes to all age groups and genders. Group classes allow individuals to participate in social interactions while also allowing for friendly competition and overall stronger community-building.I also travel to your location so you don't have to. I recognise that some of my students are often busy and unable to travel, so I cater to them by providing them with Timetable and Location flexibility.The services I offer range from one-on-one trainings to group classes, including Family and Friends packages. For any further details, get in touch with me directly.